The focus of the l.o.v.e. city usa is evangelism and discipleship, to think otherwise is a serious mistake. Statistics reveal that most believers make their decision to be followers of Christ before age 18, and if the decision is not made before this age, it is extremely difficult to win them in later years.

The crown jewel of the maxlife legacy will be the efficient development of l.o.v.e. city usa an urban Christian youth camp that will be a place of spiritual refreshing, impartation, and empowerment. We must work together to build a god consciousness in upcoming generations through a genuine spiritual encounter. It will be a contemporary, first-class youth camp like no other focusing on the spiritual and physical needs of America’s urban youth. It will be discipleship at its best. During off seasons it will be used to host christian retreats and summits.

There will be age appropriate activities and ministry for each three day camping session. We will provide camping experiences for campers ages 13 through 19 and special camp experiences for ages 9-12. A camp schedule calendar will be posted on our website to give youth groups time to plan. Each church group must have their own leaders who stay in the dorms with their group. Leaders pay the same price as the campers. The leader/camper ratio for ages 7-12 is 1 leader per 8 children. The leader/camper ratio for campers 13-19 is 1 leader per 10 youth. Most activities will be co-ed under the watchful eyes of staff and group leaders. Meals will be prepared on site in the food court each day. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase at the l.o.v.e. city quick stop shop.

L.o.v.e. city usa will initially provide a unique urban fun filled camping experience and spiritual encounter second to none. We will encourage christian athletes to frequent the campgrounds to provide success encouragement to the young campers and their leaders.

The camp ministry programming will have a central theme like spiritual encounter has had each year. The messages in the daily ministry sessions will be around this theme that will set the stage for an individual encounter with god. Music will be provided by the l.o.v.e. city musical staff as well as national guest artists.

Through the focused innovative teaching of the scriptures in a fun-loving spirit filled worship atmosphere, we will set the stage for every camper and leader to have a life changing experience that will empower them to be effective witnesses for Christ.