Visionary & Vision

Apostle I.V. Hilliard


Love City USA was birthed out of the prayers and heart of Bishop IV Hilliard, Senior Pastor of the New Light Church in the state of Texas. With over 20,000 thousand people to serve, 700 hundred Pastors to pour into, several churches across the state of Texas, God spoke to Bishop Hilliard about an Oasis of faith, fun and fellowship for teenagers to experience God, be equipped and sent out to serve Jesus and others. After years of confessing and believing for a Spirit-filled Urban youth Camp called Love City, the Holy Spirit gave the witness that things were in order and it was time. Love City is an evangelistic magnet on the 63 acre East Campus that will attract and transform young people in ways we have not imagined. Statistics reveal that most believers make their decision to be followers of Christ before age 18, and if the decision is not made before this age, it is extremely difficult to win them in the later years. We desire to offset the plans of the evil one by providing a safe haven for teenagers to be spiritually refreshed, affirmed and empowered.

Many teenagers in the inner city communities lack proper well-rounded programs and even support. Therefore, during the Fall, Spring and Winter seasons, Love City will be a hub for community development in the areas of fitness, fun, and fostering. Many of the youth in our area lack the proper physical activities and information that lead to a healthy lifestyle. As Love City will have a fostering component which will serve as a mentoring program teaching various life skills to the youth, ranging from financial literacy, proper social etiquette, proper attire, along with other important life skills and character education to name a few.

One aspect Love City intentionally provides is Christian disciples through our unique urban fun filled summer camp experience. We wants to engage teenagers is by interfering with their idol time and thoughts during the summer season. After 17 year of hosting the largest urban youth conference in America, Spiritual Encounter, we are beginning a new chapter that will wrap its arms around the entire summer by providing weekly camps to teenagers all across America. After a rigorous academic year and the many changes that students experience, they need to be rejuvenated, redirected and responsible for the next steps God is leading them to take.